Check out all the amazing things happening at Meet the Stars from LCC You’ve seen all your favorite heroes onscreen in your favorite movies, TV shows, animations and cartoons, you’ve spent hours watching all their interviews, skits and Q&As to get to know more about them. But what if you got to meet them all in person? 
Share a special memory with them and get a lifetime of
bragging rights to share with your families, friend, and the whole world! The Meet the Stars zone is where you will meet your favorite celebrities, voice actors and other stars. 


Have your favorite comic, artwork or celebrity photo signed by our stars and create your own collection of memorabilia.


Step out from behind the screen and into the limelight – meet your beloved TV and social media icons in real life and seize the opportunity to snap some unforgettable photos with them. Capturing a moment with your comic hero or favorite celebrity isn't just a thrill – it's a colossal geek triumph!


This year, we're rolling out the red carpet for your beloved movie stars, comic artists, and animation pros – both in person and virtually! Hailing from every corner of Nigeria, our LCC guest stars bring a wealth of creative expertise and years of professional insight to share. Keep your eyes peeled, because you just might bump into your favorite actor strolling through the hallways!