Embark on a journey through creativity and innovation with the Lagos Comic Con (LCC) – a trailblazer in African culture and the largest indigenous celebration of its kind on the continent. Witness the magic unfold as aspiring creators are discovered at LCC, soaring to stardom within the industry. As we gear up for our next edition, brace yourself for a spectacle unlike any other, building upon the resounding success of last years event.

Drawing thousands of visitors from across Nigeria and beyond, LCC has emerged as a beacon of excitement and inspiration in the region. It serves as a vibrant showcase of both regional and international entertainment, featuring the world's biggest brands in Film, TV, Sci-Fi, Animation, Comics, Collectibles, and beyond.

Driven by our unwavering commitment to fostering regional talent, nurturing entrepreneurship, and fostering connections between fans, creators, and companies, LCC transcends mere entertainment – it's a cultural phenomenon. With each edition, we bridge gaps, celebrate diversity, and proudly put our region on the global stage.

We are proud of the talents we have discovered at LCC, the companies that have been formed and the community we have built since the event began in 2012. We are looking forward to doing more to grow the comics, animation, gaming, fil and general creative industries .


We are super elated to let you know that Lagos comic con is now owned by Spoof animation. One of the best known Animation company in Nigeria and out outside Nigeria.